02:00 PM

I know what consent is…

with Jayne Bullough  , Cordelia Morrison  , Liz Kelly  , Zahrah Al-Bejawi – Brook  ,

Opening the festival will see us exploring what is consent and what does it look like in the eyes of... Read more

04:00 PM

Consent and the Media

with John Wellington  , Emily Jacob  , Tazeen Ahmad  , Nathalie McDermott (Chair)  , Faye White  , Yvonne Roberts  ,

Consenting to a media interview can be a wonderful opportunity to get a story heard and to move people with... Read more

07:00 PM

Film Night

with Linda Steinhoff  , Pamela Drynan  ,

An exclusive screening of three thought-provoking documentary films from the UK Ireland and Norway Each film in its own way... Read more

12:00 PM

Sexual trafficking: Where is the consent

with Pamela Zaballa 

This session will look to draw a picture of the extent of sexual trafficking in the UK We will look... Read more

01:30 PM

Sexual Assault and Disability

with Rhama Hussein  , Lynne Tooze  , Ashley Stephen  , Rosemary Frazer  ,

Despite being more than twice as likely to be victims of sexual assault disabled people are often told things like... Read more

03:00 PM

Literary Approaches to Sexual Violence

with Una  , Marti Leimbach  , Winnie M Li  ,

What ethical considerations must a survivor writer take on board Is creating literature from trauma triggering or healing And do... Read more

04:15 PM

I heart consent workshop

with Yasmin Rassool  , Kathryn Spark  ,

A ninety-minute awareness workshop exploring sexual consent in both law and practice including the concept of enthusiastic consent At the... Read more

04:30 PM

Using the Visual Arts – A Conversation

with Sejal Chad 

How can we use visual art to address our own trauma and shift the public understanding of sexual assault abuse... Read more

06:00 PM

Theatrical Showcase (Saturday)

with Tanaka Mhishi  , Imogen Butler-Cole  , Ayesha Antoine  , Anna Lanyon  , Nina Millns  , Matthew Hebden  ,

Two unique and powerful plays never before staged in this way An expanded version of 'This is How it Happens... Read more

08:00 PM

Comedy Night

with Tiff Stevenson  , Sara Pascoe  , Alice Fraser  ,

Curated by funnywoman Tiff Stevenson a stellar line-up of stand-up comedians tackle the issue of sexual assault and consent and... Read more

12:00 PM

Reclaiming Justice

with Dr Nina Burrowes  , Jade Swaby  , Emily Jacob  , Nina Millns  ,

Is it possible to reclaim justice for ourselves In a world where few victims of sexual offences are able to... Read more

02:00 PM

What difference does race make?: Sexual Violence and BAME Identity

with Subah Rasab  , Sereena Al-Noor  , Professor Amina Memon (Chair)  , Dr Sundari Anitha  ,

How is a survivor s experience different if she or he comes from a BAME community or identifies as an... Read more

03:00 PM

Queering Sexual Violence

with Nina Nasim  , Tanaka Mhishi  , Dr Nina Burrowes  ,

Inspired by the book with the same name this discussion will explore how sexual violence impacts the LGBTQI community including... Read more

04:30 PM

Creative Showcase (Sunday)

with Silke Grygier (Survivors Collective)  , SC (Survivors Collective)  , Tiffany Murphy  , Emma Berentsen  ,

How can creative performance enable us to make sense of our own experiences In this hour we ll discuss the... Read more

06:00 PM

Foreign Body

with Imogen Butler-Cole 

Foreign Body is a beautifully crafted debut solo show about hope healing and forgiveness after sexual assault The story is... Read more

08:00 PM

Spoken Word Night

with Seraphima Kennedy (compere)  , S.K. Perry (curator)  , Bridget Minamore  , Sabrina Mahfouz  , Ness Lyons  , Winnie M Li  ,

Our closing event features award-winning writers with a range of literary and performance styles Their poetry and prose will explore... Read more