Theatre Night Announced!


Unheard USE

Photographer: Kenneth Jay

We’re proud to announce the five plays which will be re-staged for our Theatre Night on Friday July 31st, in conjunction with Goblin Baby Theatre Company. Powerful and poignant, these plays explore victimhood, surviving, and recovering. They previously played to sold-out performances at the Unheard Festival in February at The Bread and Roses Theatre, a new writing festival exploring themes around sexual assault and sexual abuse. Tessa Hart, Artistic Director of Goblin Baby, produced the Unheard Festival, and is collaborating with us on Theatre Night. Many of the original cast will be returning for Clear Lines.

We’ll be introducing you to our writers next week, and in the weeks after, we’ll release more information about our cast and directors.


Early Bird Tickets for our Theatre Night are now available by pledging to our Crowdfunder campaign. Remaining tickets will be released in early July.

Photographer: Kenneth Jay

Photographer: Kenneth Jay

The five plays

‘This is How It Happens’
by Tanaka Mhishi

A survivor describes his first year after being raped. Lyrical, beautiful but also honest, and ultimately, more about survival than abuse.

by Samantha Coughlan

Breathless, partly based on Sam’s own experience, explores how a naive, trusting teenager becomes embroiled in a destructive relationship.

Extracts from ‘Doe’
by Rebecca Robinson

A group of women share their unique experiences of the same abuse. Are they victims? Or can they find their own strength after recovery from the trauma and suffering?

Photographer: Ricardo Correia

Photographer: Ricardo Correia

‘Everything’s Normal’
by Winnie M Li

At a job interview, on a first date, and at a dinner party, Tess wonders if she can really pretend that everything’s back to normal.

‘Two Girls’
by Allie Costa

In this haunting, poetic duologue, two women emerge from a violent attack.