Prize Shortlistings & Our Crowdfunder Backers

We are so thrilled to announce that Clear Lines has been nominated for the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize, awarded annually to recognise women who work against male violence.  It is truly an honor to be shortlisted for the Group Award, alongside three fantastic organizations: Million Women Rise, Sisters Uncut, and Rights of Women. Our Co-Founders Winnie M Li and Dr. Nina Burrowes will be speaking at the closing event of the Feminism in London Conference on Sunday, October 25th, when the winners of the prize will be announced. (Winnie is also shortlisted separately in the Individual Award category, and this recent feature in The Irish Times details her personal experience and forthcoming book). We hope to see some of you on Oct 25th!

CrowdfunderWe’ve certainly come a long way from April, when we didn’t have a name for our festival or even any funds to stage an event.  In fact, the only way Clear Lines became possible was through the generosity and support of our Crowdfunder backers.  Although there were 138 backers in total, here’s a list of those individuals who donated £25 or more in our five-week campaign. Once again, thank you for all your support in helping us start a new conversation about sexual assault and consent.

A Huge Thanks to our Crowdfunder Backers!

Abigail Macleod

Alexandra V. Fredricks

Amy Rodgers Marceau

Andreas Schaefer

Andrew Whitman

Anna Sherratt

Anne P. Bowers

TeamAnnie Gowanloch






Ben Yeoh

Bhanu Bhatnagar

Bernardine Evaristo

Carl Robert Packman

Catherine Hogel

Chris Dent

peopleChris Smith

Christopher Myers

Claire Whitehead

Cory-Ann Joseph

Danielle Lambert

David Oppenheim

Diana Barran

Elizabeth Dowling

Elly Cardwell

Elsa Weill

Emily Jacob

Winnie_NinaEmily Reubush

Emmeline Graham

Erin Breeze

Gwen Cover

Heidi & Jude

Ilona Brenninkmeijer

Inge-Lise Mackaay

Jack Steadman

James Rawson

James R Butler

Jessica Montalvo

Jill Robson

Jin Jeong

Jenny McPhee

poetryJess McCabe

Jessica Gregson

Joan Porter MacIver

John Gasper

John Wilkes

Johs Pierce

Jon Grabelle Herrmann

Judy Faulkner

Julian Astin

Karen D’Arc

volunteersKelly Lewis

Kirsty Jardine


lea bowman

Lisa Lin Sherman

Lisa Thompson

Margalit Edelman

Marshall Nannes

Mary Lou Hartman

Michael & Lucy Herron

Nicole M. Slayton

audience 2Nikhil Chandra

Oliver Hwu

Oonagh Kearney

Patricia Donohue

Paul Carney

Peter Laskie

Phyra McCandless

Ruth Pordes

Rose Hastings

Rose Thompson

Saukok Tiampo

media3Scott Fletcher

Seraphima Kennedy

Seena Perumal

Shefali Roy

Shirley Chiu

Silvia Segerstrale

Stephanie Mosely

Stephen Strachan

Susan & Christopher Lai

Suzy Ryder

real menRev. Tamara Torres McGovern

Till Dudler

Trina Vargo

Vicky Brock

Vincent McAviney

Wiebke Pekrull


We did it!

Our Crowdfunder has now closed and we are thrilled that we managed to raise 206.3% of our initial target on Crowdfunder! We have been just bowled over by the support and we are so grateful to each and everyone of you who pledged to help make this festival happen.

We are still finalising the schedule but will be releasing tickets on July 13th – so watch this space!

And we are still looking for volunteers for the festival – if you have a few hours to spend over the next few weeks and would like to help out, just email for more information.

Thanks again for all your support and pledges – Clear Lines Festival is go!

2 Days to go in our Crowdfunder Campaign!

We’re thrilled by the amount of support coming from around the globe in our Crowdfunder campaign! People have been pledging from as far afield as the US, the Middle East, and Asia – indicating that sexual assault is a global issue that affects millions of individuals around the world. By reaching our stretch target, we now know that we can film the events at the Clear Lines Festival and make the videos of the events available online – and reach audiences globally.

But there’s still 2 days to go until our crowdfunding ends, so please keep pledging! However, we are thinking of extending the time period by creating campaigns on other crowdfunding sites to try and maximize the support received! As this festival is being organized entirely by volunteers, any amount of donation can still help off-set the expenses involved in an event like this. Things like travel costs for our artists, web space to store our videos, and supplies for our creative workshops – all these things add up.

Unfortunately, we’ve also learned that the Arts Council will not be funding our event, so we need to depend entirely on what we can raise from crowdfunding. We put this festival together because we know there’s an audience out there who wants to address the issue of sexual assault. We now want to bring you the best possible festival. Let’s create a legacy for Clear Lines to live on digitally, and lay the groundwork for Clear Lines and our conversation in years to come. And we can only achieve this through the help of the crowdfunding efforts that we have put in place to help raise as much money as possible. It will also give us the opportunity to raise further awareness of the issue of sexual assault, so we would appreciate you giving what you can.

Please watch our most recent video, which we put together with the help of survivors around the globe. We think this sums up the spirit of what Clear Lines is trying to do – replace the shame and silence around sexual assault, with insight, understanding, and community. We hope to create a series of more videos like this, so please pledge to our Crowdfunder campaign to help make this happen.

We’ve reached our initial target! Please help us impact people around the world

Thanks so much to all who’ve helped us reach our initial target!  You’ve made the Clear Lines Festival a reality.

The Clear Lines Festival will provide a space for the public to meet with artists and experts this summer to have the conversations we need to start having about sexual assault. We’ve raised enough money to host the festival, but now we want to raise enough to film the content and bring the festival to a screen near you.

Festival organisers Dr Nina Burrowes and Winnie M Li talk about the festival in this video.

Now that we have the bare minimum, we can cover basics like venue hire, insurance, equipment, and printing costs.

We’ll need a lot more if we want to film the events and post videos online for free, so we can impact people around the world and give Clear Lines a legacy.  After all,  it would be a shame if all the work on this festival could only be seen by those who were there in person at our London venue.  So we’re aiming for a stretch target of £9000.

Clear Lines is being organised entirely by volunteers who are putting in hundreds of unpaid hours to work toward this event. Many artists and experts are contributing their talents to Clear Lines because they are passionate about changing things in the area of sexual assault and abuse. Any additional funds can help us cover their expenses for new work they will be creating at the festival.  

We have 15 days to go and have raised over £4,000. Let’s aim higher! To pledge, visit our Crowdfunder campaign. Thank you!