Sereena Al-Noor

Sereena Al Noor went from being a victim of child and adult sexual abuse as well as domestic abuse, to being a survivor. Sereena uses her personal healing strategies to help other’s create a creative flower around their trauma. Through retreats, 1-1 and group sessions, participants who embrace these unique processes will achieve lasting release from their pain and suffering. Award-winning leader of ‘The Essential Women’ supportive SistAr Circles, she is the founder of a mobile app which houses a directory of different lifestyle practitioners and authors. Sereena’s most recent accolade is producing a documentary led by women’s voices, raising awareness about domestic violence, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse within the Black, Asian, Ethnic, Minority (BAME) communities. This documentary focuses on the reasons why women tend not to seek justice when a crime has been committed against them.