Professor Amina Memon (Chair)

Professor Amina Memon is a highly skilled researcher and teacher with 30 years of expertise in the field of Applied Cognitive and Social Psychology and over 130 publications. Her specialist areas are eyewitness testimony, investigative interviewing and biases in decision-making. A distinctive flavour of her work has been her close working relationship with policy makers and practitioners in the field of policing, social work and the law. Her applied research is aimed at identifying methods for improving justice for victims and witnesses. Current research projects including work on eyewitness identification, restorative justice, the reliability and credibility of evidence from vulnerable groups, best practice in questioning child witnesses and the reliability of evidence from older adult witnesses. Amina has served as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases in the USA, Scotland and England. She has provided expert testimony and advised professionals investigating allegations of sexual abuse in child and adult cases.