Pavan Amara

Pavan Amara started My Body Back Project in August 2014. She is also a writer focusing on sexual violence, and a student nurse who works in the NHS.

My Body Back Project supports women who have experienced rape or sexual assault to love and care for their bodies again. They do this by running specialist services, including a cervical screening clinic designed especially for women who have experienced sexual violence, and an STI self-testing clinic for women who have been raped.

Both of these clinics work very sensitively with women, so they feel safe, relaxed, and their individual needs are met. They also run Café V, which is a quarterly session for women to learn about loving their bodies after violence.

The project is essentially about women reclaiming power over their lives, their bodies and their choices.

Pavan will be speaking alongside Ione Wells and Dr Nina Burrowes at “Finding pleasure after pain. Sex and intimacy after sexual violence” on Sunday 2nd of August.