Nathalie McDermott

Nathalie runs the not-for-profit organisation On Road, which tackles social problems by improving media coverage of misrepresented groups and issues. The On Road team brings people together, runs events and interactions, and works with clients and communities to design projects that bring about real social change. Their most ground-breaking piece of work is All About Trans, an innovative project that brings transgender people together with media professionals to encourage better understanding and representation in the media. This project has led to BBC Two’s ‘Boy Meets Girl’, the UK’s first comedy sitcom, with a trans character at its heart.

With a background in radio production at the BBC, Nathalie joined Media for Development in 2003 to set up the Prison Radio Outreach Project (PROP) and train the prisoner production team at HMP Wandsworth in London before becoming a fellow at The School for Social Entrepreneurs to set up On Road in 2005.

On Road are currently looking at ways to improve the media’s coverage of sexual abuse in partnership with Dr Nina Burrowes.  As a Clear Lines sponsor, they have organised an expert media panel of journalists on Friday 31st of July 2015 at 6pm to tackle this issue. The panel asks: ‘How can we improve media coverage of sexual assault and abuse?’ and will discuss why certain stories make the news and why others don’t, and whether we can change the way media professionals understand and portray sexual assault and abuse in the media.