Georgina Calvert-Lee

Georgina Calvert-Lee is Senior Counsel at McAllister Olivarius and previously the chief litigator at AO Advocates, a sister firm that represents survivors of child sexual abuse. Through her work focusing on employment and discrimination law, Georgina has seen the taboo surrounding harassment and the reasons why it is still prevalent and frequently overlooked or dismissed by both the target and those responsible. She understands the legal avenues open to employees or others who have experienced harassment, as well as the harmful effects on organisations where it is still pervasive.

Her extensive experience has been accumulated from previous positions at the international law firm Coudert Brothers and Sonnenscheim, Nath and Rosenthal, and from representing women at all levels of organisations (banks, companies, universities, law firms and schools) over the past two decades.  Georgina has appeared on the BBC and ITV and been quoted in major newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic discussing her work at McAllister Olivarius and AO Advocates.

Georgina will be speaking on the ‘Creating clear lines on harassment and revenge pornography’ panel on Friday 31st of July at 4:30pm.