Faye White

Faye White is a print journalist at the Daily Mail, a rape survivor and a sexual assault activist. She started out in journalism as a broadcast assistant on the BBC flagship Sunday politics program The Andrew Marr Show and her work has been featured in BBC Three, Grazia Magazine, Channel 4, BuzzFeed and The Sun.

After she was raped on her year abroad in 2015, Faye waived her right to anonymity and wrote a piece titled ‘A Name To A Statistic’ for her student magazine, highlighting the importance for rape and assault survivors to be recognised as people and not just data on a screen.

In the aftermath of the attack, Faye recognised that she was not receiving adequate academic support at university when she told her department what had happened. On realising that this must happen to survivors all over the country, she started a campaign to change the Code of Practice on Extenuating Circumstances (EC) at universities to include a specific clause for rape and assault survivors. The campaign made national headlines and gained the support of ex-liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, who wrote to every Vice-Chancellor in the country urging them to change the rules off the back of the campaign.

Faye runs a website called whatwedotosurvive.com, where survivors of rape and assault can write anonymously or otherwise about their experiences with sexual violence, with a particular focus on recovery.