Ela Xora


The Rape of Caenis

Ela Xora is an emerging British visual and performance artist whose art explores the biology of Sex, Gender Equality, and Greco Roman Mythology. Ela Xora appeared on the front cover of the Independent On Sunday for her 2014 exhibition The Silver Bo(X), which was also featured in The Evening Standard, The Mail On Sunday, The Huffington Post and the BBC. In her campaign to recognise Intersex and Transgender human rights in law, Ela Xora is due to premiere her most politically challenging exhibition to date.  This will feature Epic Beat Poetry narrated by Game of Thrones actors Lena Headey and Natalia Tena, set against a new collection of paintings and pure 999 Silver Masks.

For Clear Lines, Ela Xora will exhibit “The Rape of Caenis” for the first time, the next painting in her exploration of Ovid’s poetic anthology Metamorphoses.  “The Rape of Caenis” examines the common thread between female rape and the subsequent de-feminisation of some rape victims, as in the case of Ovid’s protagonist Caenis, who asked to be transformed into the male warrior Caeneus.

Ela Xora will be taking part in the Visual Artist Q & A on Saturday 1st of August.