Chris Packe

Chris experiments with a wide range of activities.  He operates by himself, or with his family, with children or with adults – and these things almost always take place  Outdoors.  He doesn’t really work as part of any organisation, has no fixed way of earning a living or any concept of a career… so titles are awkward.  Some call him a ‘bushcraft instructor’, some a ‘songwriter’… even a ‘rapper’, some a ‘blogger’ or ‘cartoonist’, some a ‘mentor’ or a ‘group facilitator’ – but he doesn’t.

One title that is technically correct is “Man”.  Being one these, and allowing himself to be conscious of what is going on in the culture he is part of, perhaps explains why he’s involved in this festival.  But he was one of 3.5 billion valid candidates. Here’s his website.

At Clear Lines Festival, Chris will be joining White Ribbon’s James Chespy, Alex Feis-Bryce from National Ugly Mugs Scheme and Dr Nina Burrowes at the “Where Have All the Good Men Gone” panel discussion on Saturday 1st August.