Theatrical Showcase (Saturday)

Two unique and powerful plays, never before staged in this way. An expanded version of ‘This is How it Happens,’ which was previously performed at Clear Lines 2015. Followed by the World Premiere of ‘Delete,’ longlisted for the prestigious Papatango Prize 2017 and performed here as a rehearsed reading. Together these two plays explore the fragility of self-actualisation in a world teeming with gendered abuse and intimidation, both online and offline. Includes a Q&A with the theatre-makers.


This is How it Happens

Tanaka Mhishi

This is How it Happens tells the story of one man’s first year after being raped. Using a combination of poetry, testimony and autobiography the show asks how to live in a body which has been abused and charts the process of transforming victimhood into survival.



Nina Millns (playwrite)

Imogen Butler-Cole (director)

Ayesha AntoineAnna LanyonMatthew Hebden (cast)

Delete is a play about three women of varying ages and ethnic backgrounds, and how their interaction with the internet affects their lives. As Tanya uses online resources to move away from a life of addiction into self-actualisation, her parole officer, Sue, is immersed in the digital dating scene. Patricia is introduced to the World Wide Web late in life through Tanya’s Community Service scheme, and by chance finds herself suddenly embroiled in the darker side of the online world and society at large. Her lack of internet etiquette and general street smart sees her plunging deeper into a mess of political cover ups, abuse and direct action that culminates in tragedy.