Film Night

An exclusive screening of three thought-provoking documentary films, from the UK, Ireland, and Norway. Each film in its own way provides a unique platform for survivors to voice their experiences and paths to recovery. To be followed by a Q&A with the international filmmakers, some of whom have flown to London specifically for Clear Lines.



Finding Solace

Solace Women’s Aid & See Change Films

This project is the result of a partnership between Solace Women’s Aid and See Change Films – two charities working to elevate the voices of women who are generally marginalised and unheard. Finding Solace documents the journey of a group of women who learn filmmaking skills as a way to speak out about the abuse they have faced in their lives. With candid intimacy, the women share details of their experience of abuse, lifting the lid on a subject that is all too often underreported. Ultimately the group finds that by coming together with people with shared experience they are able to have fun, find solace and rediscover themselves. Finding Solace is part of Solace’s Women’s Resilience & Awareness Project (WRAP) in partnership with See Change Films.



Linda Steinhoff

When she was 18 years old Linda Steinhoff was raped by someone she knew. In the documentary RAPED, she examines various aspects of rape, such as how rape victims are met by the system put in place to help them and how this system itself can be seen as yet another abuser. Is it possible to avoid defining yourself as a victim? Can life go on like before? Should you press charges or not? Through interviews with a convicted rapist, a victim, a psychiatrist, a lawyer, her boyfriend and some good helpers, Steinhoff makes the case that the first step towards a more sensible approach to the question of rape is learning to talk about it. ​

​The film was awarded with “Best Norwegian Documentary” and “Audience Award” at BIFF festival 2015, and nominated to “Gullruten” (Norwegian Golden Globe) 2016 ​



Pamela Drynan

Unbreakable: True Lives is the story of four very different women who have been the victims of shocking sexual crimes. Trish Kelly, Niamh Cosgrave, Winnie M Li and Niamh Ní Domhnaill share the truth about the experience of rape and sexual assault; the violence, trauma, anger, desperation, and the daunting process to regain a semblance of their former selves. Their testimonies paint a broad and comprehensive portrait of the world of the sexual assault survivor while also making a contribution to the on going conversation to promote awareness of all aspects of sexual violence.

We will be showing Part 2 of this documentary, which created a stir when it aired in on TV3 in Ireland in September.