Creative Showcase (Sunday)

How can creative performance enable us to make sense of our own experiences? In this hour, we’ll discuss the role of drama and performance in exploring our own understanding of sexual assault and abuse. Featuring a conversation with activists like the Survivors’ Collective and a performed extract from the play ‘Anne Meets Jeffrey,’ by Emma Berentsen and Tiffany Murphy.

Anne Meets Jeffrey

“It’s difficult you know to find words now to say you know, like it’s difficult because you know like she is the victim you know and I am the one who did it, so it is already been done you know. I can’t really say sorry you know because that would be too easy” (Jeffrey; recorded Sept 2014). Anne Meets Jeffrey is a new collaboration between Emma Berentsen and Tiffany Murphy in where they investigate the rape case of ‘Anne’ and the meeting ‘Anne’ had seven years after the event with ‘Jeffrey’, her perpetrator. The work explores the challenges posed by witnessing and remembering, especially in the face of trauma through live performance, video and sound. Anne Meets Jeffrey is an intimate and engaged performance about the fear of dying, losing dignity and reclaiming power by facing your biggest fear.