Creating clear lines on harassment and revenge pornography 4.30-5.45pm

Friday, 4.30 – 5.45pm

Creating clear lines on harassment and revenge pornography

Join Georgina Calvert-Lee and Halla Gunnarsdóttir from Clear Lines Festival sponsors international law firm McAllister Olivarius for a conversation about what should we do about sexual harassment and revenge pornography. These two panel discussions will run back to back from 4.30 to 5.45pm.

PrintBlurred On-Lines: Regulating Revenge Pornography

The past year has seen a huge increase in awareness about revenge pornography, or non-consensual pornography, in the UK. There seems to be a broad consensus that revenge pornography should be outlawed, but policy-makers and lawyers are far from agreeing on how to do it.  The new law criminalizing revenge porn has been criticized for not going far enough to protect the thousands of people who have had their intimate images published online without their consent. But how can we regulate something that crosses every jurisdiction, has one name but a million faces and creates revenues for anonymous individuals in different corners of the world?


Halla Gunnarsdottir

Halla Gunnarsdóttir will draw from the practice of international law firm McAllister Olivarius seeking justice for victims of revenge pornography, including YouTube-star Chrissy Chambers who recently told her story publicly. Halla will address some of the issues that have come up in the search for the right legal approach and seek to spark discussions about the next steps in the fight against this emerging form of violence.

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Blurred Lines – Calling out harassment

Why is it that when we talk about sexual harassment it is done in embarrassed or hushed tones?  The targets of harassment blame themselves and people don’t take it seriously: this is something Georgina Calvert-Lee, Senior Counsel at McAllister Olivarius has spent her career trying to figure out and combat.  She would like to work with attendees at the Clear Lines Festival to explore the patterns of sexual harassment at work, and what we can do to combat it.

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Please refer all press inquiries to Kirsty Lowe on 020 7386 1041, 07983 531 539 or Kirsty will be able to arrange interviews with Georgina and Halla both of whom are happy and ready to speak about their talks.