Creativity, Vulnerability and Resilience: Arts Therapy Workshop – 10.30-12.15pm

Saturday, 10.30 – 12.15pm

Creativity, Vulnerability and Resilience: a safe, open-minded and creative space for survivors of sexual abuse/assault and those who support them.

Sejal Chad

Sejal Chad

Living with the impact of sexual abuse can often be a lonely and isolating experience, and those affected may question the validity of their responses and ways of coping. Sometimes there might be a strong sense of contrast between the intense and overwhelming emotions felt inside and the ‘fine’ or well-functioning persona presented to the outside world. In this very small group we will explore how the two responses do not need to feel at odds with each other; the resilient parts of ourselves can help us to hold our vulnerabilities. We will have access to a variety of art materials to explore this topic in more depth.

Sejal Chad is an HCPC-registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist with over ten years experience in the mental health and community support field. She specialises in working with individuals and groups who have experienced complex trauma and abuse. Incorporating a background in creative writing, improvisation and conflict mediation with more traditional talking therapies, she supports people in articulating and understanding their struggles and experiences, and finding their own ways towards healing and moving forward.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite – book early to avoid disappointment as this workshop is limited to 8 spaces only.