Improving media coverage of sexual assault – line-up confirmed for this Friday at 6pm

What are the stories that are not being told in the media? How well does the “goodie, baddie, victim” paradigm serve the audience when covering sexual assault and abuse stories? How can the media improve its handling of these stories? What are the interesting angles that could be used, which will still appeal to large audiences whilst improving public understanding of sexual crimes, its victims and perpetrators?

Our panel of journalists and experts will discuss these issues this Friday evening at 6pm. The evening will be hosted by Nathalie McDermott, director of On Road Media, Clear Lines Festival sponsor.

The panel will be chaired by BBC Scotland’s Head of Current Affairs, Marcus Ryder who will be joined by:

There are a handful of tickets left for this event – Register for your free ticket here.

Follow @clearlinesuk for updates and the hashtag for the event will be #clearlinesfestival.

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