Announcing artist: Johanna Ward

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Johanna is an Essex based photographer, originally born in Stirling, Scotland. Educated at the University of Westminster and  Kent Institute of Art and Design in Rochester, she participated in group exhibition Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed 2014 at London’s Photographer’s Gallery. She was shortlisted for the Vienna Photobook Festival and exhibited at Brighton Photo Fringe in conjunction with the Hemera Collective, both in 2014. She has delivered gallery talks as well as educational talks to photography students. She is represented by L A Noble Gallery, London.

Her work explores relationships; between humans and nature, as well as those between people. She uses photography as a story telling medium in much the same way as a novelist would, often weaving multiple narratives into a unified whole. By employing allegory and symbolic association she subtly examines both large-scale and personal subjects, a process that links what, at first sight, appears to be disparate, but is in fact intimately connected.

Her role at Clear Lines Festival:

During the Clear Lines Festival, artist-in-residence Johanna Ward will invite visitors to take part in a portrait studio that will encourage participants to make an emotional engagement with the subject of sexual violence.

Johanna will present three elements from her ongoing photographic work, entitled The Fear. This title provides the framework for a long-term project that will culminate as a collection of short stories that bear reference to the horror/thriller genre. Through the use of imagined scenarios and documentary images, she will explore the darker side of the complex relationship between women and men.




The Fear, Johanna Ward

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